What is a wrongful termination?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Wrongful Termination |

Losing one’s job can be a difficult event in the life of a Minnesota resident. It may impose financial and emotional difficulties upon a person who needed their job to provide for their loved ones. While there are many legitimate reasons that individuals may be let go from their employment positions, it is important that readers understand that not all terminations are justified.

A wrongful termination is one that violates the law. When an employer decides that it will not retain an employee because the employer thinks that the employee is too old, for their job then the employee’s termination may be wrongful because employers may not discriminate against their workers based on this particular classification. Race, religion and several other classifications protect workers from discrimination by their employers.

Terminations that violate the contracts that employers and employees make when new hires are brought into organizations may also be wrongful. If an employer agreed in their contract with an employee that it would not take adverse action for particular conduct, and then terminated the employee for engaging in that conduct, the termination may be considered wrongful.

There is no single type of wrongful termination and unfortunately workers may encounter a vast gray area in the law when they try to determine if their rights have been violated by the actions of their employers. To get help answering wrongful termination questions and help with other employment law matters, readers are encouraged to contact their trusted employment law attorneys. Case-specific advice should be sought by those with further concerns as this post does not provide any legal advice.