Retaliation accusations surround DHS coordinator’s firing

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2019 | Wrongful Termination |

While private industries in Minnesota and across the nation are confronted with allegations of employment law violations, it can happen with federal and state agencies too. If an employee believes he or she was subjected to wrongdoing at the hands of employers, it is important to know what steps to take to recover compensation for that mistreatment and illegal behaviors. Understanding how to move forward with a case in which there were allegations of discrimination, retaliation and more requires legal advice.

A man who worked in various capacities at the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) claims he faced retaliation and was forced out of his job when he said there was racial bias taking place. The man had been the equity coordinator for the Inspector General. He was told to terminate his work and then was dismissed as he investigated assertions that minorities were subjected to specific targeting with licensing and enforcement. He subsequently filed a wrongful termination case. The agency’s role is to investigate financial fraud and abuse with programs that are under state oversight.

There have been previous allegations from officials at DHS. This former employee is disabled and has expertise in disability employment. When he heard the allegations that minorities were subjected to unfair targeting — specifically daycare centers — he investigated. He believed this was part of his duties. He was not allowed to interview investigators, could not accompany them when they went on investigations, and had other requests denied. He says he met resistance from supervisors as to the limits of his work and what he could investigate. Supervisors were said to have scrutinized his off-hours when he took part in Muslim celebrations. In late-July, he took medical leave and was informed that he was dismissed. He wants his job back and poor evaluations taken off his record.

Worker rights has been spotlighted in recent years. People are emboldened to lodge complaints and seek compensation when they have been subjected to any form of workplace violations. It might stand to reason that employers will exercise greater caution and do their best to follow the law in how employees are treated. Unfortunately, people still see their rights violated regularly.

For those who are working for a state or federal agency and are transferred, deprived of a deserved promotion, demoted, dismissed, harassed or deal with any other illegal acts, it is wise to have legal advice. A law firm that specializes in wrongful termination and other workplace violations should be called for representation.