We protect the employee rights of public servants

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Many people in and around Minneapolis work for the government. Some people in the Twin Cities work for one of the many local governments in the area or for the State of Minnesota, while others work for the federal government. Educators, law enforcement officials, and firefighters are all examples of workers who often fall under the public employment umbrella.

Unfortunately, even these employees are not fully immune to wrongful termination, discrimination, and other violations of their employee rights. They can, for instance, be subject to improper discipline or being looked over when opportunities for a promotion come up.

Likewise, many public employees suffer sexual harassment or other forms of harassment. Oftentimes, these sorts of cases arise when a public employer allows a workplace culture to fester to the point where it becomes a hostile work environment for women, minorities, and others

Our law office takes great pride in our representation of police officers and firefighters as well as other public employees. Even when one’s own union is not able to help, we’ve been able to get successful results for many of our clients who were in public service. In addition to securing compensation, we have been able to help individuals secure reinstatement to their positions and promotions they deserved.

As a certified Labor and Employment Law Specialist with over 20 years of experience, we are well aware of the many nuances and additional complexities that surround employment law cases involving public employees. While many times public employees have broader rights than those Minnesota residents working the private sector, it is important to have an advocate who knows how to assert these rights by asking the right questions and taking the appropriate steps.