Know the new city ordinance and state laws for a wage claim

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2020 | Employee Rights |

Workers in Minnesota are required by law to receive a certain amount of wages for work they do. However, some employers might try to reduce what an employee is paid and use illegal means to do so. This is known as wage theft. Workers who are aware of the new minimum wage law should also be cognizant of how the new wage theft laws will protect them.

Minneapolis has a new ordinance regarding wage theft. It is largely the same as new state laws that went into effect in July of 2019. Still, there are differences and employers who have not followed them could be held accountable. Employees who are already working and those who are hired in the future and are protected by the ordinance will receive a pre-hire notice from the city, except in cases when they already received the information. Workers must get this notice in the initial payroll period of the new year. The city pre-hire notice is the same as the state form. Employers can use one form to adhere to the law.

There is a new city poster that contains information about the minimum wage, wage theft and sick time. It was required to have been displayed on January 1. Earnings notices and pre-hire notices must give information about sick time and safe time and when employees can use them. The accumulated hours of sick and safe time must be on the earnings notices. Those who work for tips must receive a pre-hire notice that says tip-sharing is voluntary. The employer cannot require it under the law.

An employee who is not a regular worker in the city must receive a notice if he or she works a minimum of 80 hours in the city in a year. Employers should function under the belief that this applies to delivery drivers and those who work “on demand.” The employee must sign the first pre-hire notice and any notices regarding changes. A critical factor in employees being denied wages they are supposed to receive is either misunderstanding or not knowing the state laws and city ordinances. If there was wage theft or any other violation of the state laws and city ordinances, city and state workers must know their employee rights.