Gender discrimination suit results in back wages and settlement

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When a workplace environment causes an individual to feel discriminated against due to his or her gender, discussing the circumstances with a supervisor may help solve the problem. An employer has a responsibility to resolve discrimination issues when made aware of them. 

One of the issues an employer may need to address is unequal treatment. In some cases, however, managers fired employees in retaliation for raising a discrimination issue. This reflects a violation of federal and Minnesota labor laws. 

Termination in retaliation is against the law

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission prohibits an employer from retaliating or punishing an employee who complains of discrimination. If an employer’s actions cause harm or reflect unequal treatment, an employee has the right to file a complaint. 

After filing a complaint, an employee has the right to remain working in his or her position at the same amount of pay. An employer may not terminate, demote or create a hostile work environment as a response to a grievance. If a wrongful termination occurs, an individual may seek damages. 

Female trucking company employee wins lawsuit

A commercial truck driver filed a legal action against her Minnesota employer, alleging gender discrimination and retaliation. After she sustained an on-the-job injury, the employer required her to undergo strength testing, which she supposedly failed. Because of the failed strength test, the company claimed it would not consider rehiring her. 

The employer’s refusal to bring her back to work led to her filing a gender discrimination lawsuit. She claimed her employer refused to allow her to return to work based on her gender and her filed complaint. As reported by the Star Tribune, the court approved a settlement of more than $160,000 in back wages. She also received an additional undisclosed settlement from her employer.