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Fighting workplace retaliation that leads to wrongful termination

No one enjoys tension in their workplace. For the most part, Minnesota residents want to enjoy what they do for a living, earn a decent income and go home happy to their families. Unfortunately, there are some employees in Minnesota who don't have this type of ideal situation. Instead, they may be subject to various forms of retaliation in the workplace, which can make life miserable.

What can employees in Minnesota do about unsafe work conditions?

Employers in Minnesota are obligated to provide employees with a safe working environment. This obligation includes providing safe facilities, appropriate training and having a system in place to address safety concerns as they arise. Unfortunately, some employees in Minnesota may be working in an environment that ignores these obligations. So, what can employees do about unsafe work conditions at their place of employment?

The basis for a wrongful termination claim

It is never a pleasant thing to be fired from a job. It can be a blackmark on a person's résumé, and there will likely be no professional references from that job. However, not all terminations of employment are legal. In some cases, the reason for a person's dismissal from a job could violate certain areas of employment law. When that is the case, a wrongful termination claim might be an option.

What can you do if you were subject to wrongful termination?

While many of our readers probably have good relationships with their employers, the fact is that some workers in Minneapolis are fired from their jobs for reasons that they disagree with. When employers terminate a worker's employment, they will usually try to justify the move as being based on performance, or perhaps a specific instance of non-compliance with the job directives. But, what if there are other reasons? What can you do if you were wrongfully discharged from your job?

Wrongfully terminated? An attorney can help you

You only had your job for three years and you were still a relatively new staff member in a small accounting firm compared to the rest of your colleagues that had been there for 10 years or more. Everything had been going well. You got on well with your co-workers and your boss, and you enjoyed your work. Things started to change six months ago when a new manager (a friend of the owner) was hired.

Was University of Minnesota's football coach illegally fired?

The college football season may be over, but one incident involving the University of Minnesota's football team is still garnering national attention. As Minneapolis residents might already know, the University of Minnesota fired football coach Tracy Claeys after he stated that he supported a boycott by some football players with regard to a situation in which 10 other football players were suspended after being involved in an alleged sexual incident that was deemed inappropriate. The University bought out the remaining two years on Claeys' contract for $500,000.

Minnesota workers are protected from dangerous workplace hazards

Our nation is built on the backs of hard-working individuals, who show up and do the jobs that others may be unwilling to do. However, even though some occupations, by their nature, expose workers to a certain amount of danger, if an unsafe working condition causes an employee to be put into imminent danger, that employee has rights.

What are a Minnesota worker's rights regarding drug tests?

Some workplaces in Minnesota require workers to undergo drug or alcohol testing under certain circumstances, so long as the worker received certain legally mandatory information about the employer's drug and alcohol testing policy. That being said, workers have rights with regards to drug and alcohol testing that they should be aware of.

Were you let go due to a wrongful termination?

For many Minneapolis residents having a job is a necessary evil. One must work in order to earn one's paycheck, and a paycheck is often a necessity when it comes to paying one's rent, buying food and making sure one's utility bills are covered. Unless a person is independently wealthy, he may depend on his job in order to financially support himself and his family.

What grounds may give rise to a wrongful termination case?

From time to time, things may happen in Minnesota residents' lives that just do not feel right. This is often how a legal case gets started, as someone feels they have been wronged by another person, even if they cannot fully explain the legal basis for the suit.

Defending the Civil Rights of Vulnerable People

When employers discriminate or allow harassment and retaliation to take place or continue, we are dedicated to holding them accountable for their unlawful actions.

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