Combating disability discrimination and filing a civil action

On Behalf of | Sep 26, 2014 | Disability Discrimination |

While it is common for people with disabilities to become comfortable with their temporary or permanent disabilities, those dealing with disabilities should never become comfortable with enduring discrimination or harassment in the work environment due to their disabilities. Our firm understands the seriousness of employment discrimination in the workplace and seeks to assist Minnesota employees when these events occur. Getting a better understanding of their situation and rights can help employees deal with these events and even file a cause of action for the damages that they have suffered as a result.

When an employee is combating disability discrimination, he or she should understand that this treatment is illegal. This occurs most frequently when an employer is not allowing an employee to take time off to seek treatment for his or her disability, fails to make reasonable accommodations in the work environment for the disability or harasses the employee due to his or her disability.

Furthermore, a company or employer who fails to recognize all forms of disabilities may be engaging in a form of disability discrimination or harassment. In some cases, employers do not consider mental disabilities to be valid disabilities because the condition may not be as easily recognizable as a physical disability. An employer’s failure to address all forms of disabilities could establish a cause for action against the employer, especially if the employer does not make changes or accommodations once a disability is brought to the employer’s attention.

Whether an employee is enduring discrimination due to a permanent physical or mental disability, pregnancy or a temporary disability, it is crucial that he or she understand his or her rights in the situation. Mistreatment in the work environment can lead to an employee quitting his or her job or being fired. This could be considered wrongful discharge or forced termination. A hostile work environment could cause serious damages and a civil action could result, thus allowing the employee to recover compensation for his or her losses and damages.

Employees might be nervous or fearful to speak up or file an action against a current or former employer, but it is important that they understand their rights and know how to uphold them. Our firm’s disability discrimination overview could provide employees with insight on these issues. Doing so can help them notice signs of discrimination and provide them with options to address these incidents.