New Minnesota law may affect ADA claims

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2016 | Disability Discrimination |

Change is an inevitable part of life for Minnesota residents. Families, jobs and other personal circumstances frequently change over time, which can have major repercussions in a person’s life.

Outside events also change frequently, which can impact individuals’ lives. A good example of this is the ever-changing set of state, federal and local laws that change on a daily basis. These changes in the law can have significant consequences with a person’s ability to obtain relief in the justice system.

For instance, the Minnesota Legislature recently enacted a new law that may impact disability discrimination cases. The bill allows some additional defenses for businesses to be able to assert when faced with allegations that they have violated the Americans With Disabilities Act, or ADA.

In addition, the new law includes some additional information that should be provided to businesses accused of violating the ADA before a lawsuit is filed. For example, specific violations are supposed to be documented and compensation cannot be demanded at the outset.

Ultimately, individuals who are discriminated against because of a disability still have legal recourse available. The ADA and other laws provide important protections, including accessibility protections and anti-retaliation provisions that require businesses to follow certain requirements.

Individuals who may have a legal claim should not only be aware of their rights, but the steps they need to take in order to properly preserve a claim, including following the new law and other laws that may be passed in the future. By doing so, individuals can protect their best interests and enforce their rights under the law.

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